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Express Yourself With These key Styles

Posted on July 02 2021


What is fashion if not a conduit for self-expression? A tumultuous year and a half of enforced lockdowns has severely limited our opportunities to express ourselves through our clothes and that has unfortunately left many of us feeling hopelessly uninspired. That’s why this coming season is all about optimism and re-engaging our creative brains for us here at Zoo Fashions, and we’re constantly looking for ways to undo the sense of doom and gloom that typified the pandemic era.


It’s time to change the collective mood with wardrobe styles that inspire the confidence to project ourselves to the world and put smiles back on the faces of those around us. The following are the key aesthetics that we believe are vital for those looking to express their truest selves this summer and beyond…


Floral Prints

Floral prints are the perfect illustration of the quintessential summer mood and a hallmark of contemporary boho fashion. ‘Flower power’ is no longer just a moniker used to reference the hippie movement, or simply a gender-specific symbol of femininity. It’s an expression of free-spiritedness and carefree nonchalance, an expression that is perfectly suited to the summer months. We think that every fashion-forward individual should have a strong rotation of florals in their wardrobe, regardless of their gender, age or any other orientation. Go bright and bold this summer with Saint Laurent’s Vintage Floral Print Western Shirt or take a more subtle approach with Valentino’s White Dark Blooming Print Oversized Shirt.



Artsy Graphics

Art and fashion go together like coffee and cream, with the lines separating the two often becoming indecipherable. Only when designers opt to implement ‘traditional’ artistic mediums (by means of paintings or drawings) do we actually begin to interpret a differentiation between the two expressions. And that’s exactly what we’re focusing on here. Garments that feature works of art, paintings and drawings that express the innermost natures of their respective designers and point towards the inspiration behind their creative processes. Off-White’s Black Sprayed Caravaggio Print T-Shirt, for instance, is an ode to Italian painter Caravaggio, an artist with which Virgil Abloh feels some deep connection. In Caravaggio, he sees a reflection of his own tendency to deviate from the status quo and upset the established order. This season, we’re encouraging you to discover you’re own connections and express your personality through the wonderful world of art…



Loud and Proud Colours

This summer, we’re prioritising everything and anything that helps us dispel the lockdown gloom and embrace that relieving post-pandemic feeling. So bold and vivacious colours are very much at the top of our wishlist, garments that inspire excitement and bring some vibrancy back into our lives. Pieces like Off-White’s Yellow 2.0 Industrial Belt fall right into that category, injecting a striking edge into your streetwear get-up with its hazard yellow colour palette. Or perhaps you’ve set your sights on some mood-boosting activewear to motivate you back into a dedicated fitness routine. If that’s the case, look no further than Y-3’s Red Chain Mesh Shorts to add some punch to your workout wardrobe.



Camo Patterns

Camouflage is easily one of the most popular of a number of styles that have been inspired by archetypal military apparel and repurposed for a modern fashion audience. In fact, in today’s world, it’s probably more often worn to stand out than it is to blend in! Over the years, designers have become more adventurous in their utilisation of this staple pattern, offering adaptations that experiment with colour, shape and other such characteristics. Valentino is a pioneering label in this department, the featured Beige & Brown Camouflage Rockrunner Trainers being the latest in their iconic ‘Camo Rockrunner’ story - a silhouette that has been reworked countless times over a countless number of seasons. Stone Island Shadow Project’s Blue Dévoré Utility Vest presents an interesting twist, however, showcasing a sort of digitalised interpretation of the camo pattern that fits well with the label’s broodingly urban and utilitarian aesthetic. However you choose to deploy your camo fit, we’re highlighting it as one of the must-have styles for your off-duty wardrobe this season.


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